Agama - $20 Selling

6 months ago   Agamas   Moorpark   165 views Reference: gW4QbYKezqM

Location: Moorpark

Price: $20

Female Red Head Agama - $20. Worth $60. Willing to haggle or trade for gecko hides. I got her as a rescue that was dumped off at petco, and petco was starving her. She’s perfectly back to normal now and is a very good eater. Very active, energetic and fun to watch. As much as I’d love to keep her, I already have reptiles and only wanted to get her to help save her life, so I don’t have the extra space to keep her any longer.

Additional Details About This Reptile

4: Adult > 1.5 Years
1: Fresh Fruits & Veggies
2: Reptile Food
3: Live Insects

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